About Wirtzfeld Valley

Wirtzfeld Valley is the Deluxe guest accommodation offered by Euregio.net NV, an Internet service provider in East Belgium which, among other things, has been running specialised Internet courses ever since 1995.

The name Wirtzfeld Valley refers to Silicon Valley in the US, and dates back to 1984, when the computer age definitively broke through and, here in Wirtzfeld, we developed our first computer software programs…

It is possible to book our Wirtzfeld Valley apartment privately, i.e. not combined with one of our training courses: per day, midweek, for a weekend or a week. And this includes the use of the state-of-the-art multimedia equipment which is available in the apartment. This is a two-person apartment.

Wirtzfeld Valley was developed to meet the high requirements of our course participants from Flanders and the Netherlands. The combination of our Internet training courses with a stay in the Ardennes over several days offers special advantages, both qualitatively as well as fiscally.

Wirtzfeld Valley Guest House
Euregio.net Inc.
Wirtzfeld, zur Holzwarche 29
B-4761 Büllingen

E-Mail: info@wirtzfeldvalley.com
Phone +32.80 642793
Fax: +32.80 642285

VAT: BE 0455.638.890
RJP Eupen 0455638890

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