For our Guests

Our Address:

Wirtzfeld Valley Appartement
Hubert and Brigitte Savelberg-Welsch Inc
Wirtzfeld, zur Holzwarche 29
Old Streetname for GPS systems: Wirtzfeld 140
4761 Büllingen (Belgium)

Tel. 080-642793 or Cellphone 0495-223251
Fax 080-642285


VAT: BE 0455.638.890

Bank account: Fortis 248-0286555-47 for Inc.
International wire transfers:
BIC: GEBABEBB IBAN: BE22 2480 2865 5547
Please refrain from making any bank transfer until you receive confirmation of your booking from us.
How to get there:

either via the Liege motorway through Verviers direction Malmedy, when in Malmedy itself direction Waimes, then Bütgenbach, and Wirtzfeld. If coming into Wirtzfeld from this side, then follow the main road towards Büllingen, our house is on the left against the hill before you leave Wirtzfeld direction Büllingen.

Or you go through Bütgenbach and follow the signs to Büllingen, then Wirtzfeld.
When entering Wirtzfeld, our house is the third on the right.

Or you come from Eupen and follow the direction to Malmedy, through Baraque Michel and Signal de Botrange, in Sourbrodt direction Elsenborn, straight through Elsenborn towards Wirtzfeld, in Wirtzfeld direction Büllingen, our house is on the left against the hill before you leave Wirtzfeld direction Büllingen.

You will find below a few tips ahead of your stay:

We, Brigitte and Hubert Savelberg, welcome you wholeheartedly into our apartment.

We have done our utmost to make your stay something special, and hope that you will feel at home here and will want to come back. Should you have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask us, we are in the same building.

Make sure you take the main door key with you for when you want to get back in! However, you can prevent the door from locking automatically by pushing the latch upwards.

The space where your car is now parked will be reserved for your car for the duration of your stay. So, please make sure to park in the same spot whenever you are back from an excursion. Our family will take this into account, and therefore avoid a situation where one car is blocking the other vehicles.

When you are standing in front of our house and looking at the street, going left will take you on the main road to Büllingen and from there you can either head for Losheimergraben (in Germany) or St.Vith and Luxembourg, or alternatively drive through Büllingen towards Bütgenbach.

Going right will take you first to Wirtzfeld, and then on to Elsenborn (which has a cheap filling station), Sourbrodt, Ovifat, Baraque Michel, and from there to Verviers or Eupen. When in Elsenborn, you can also take the road to Monschau in Germany.

If you go up the hill on the right of our house: Just before the next house (where you will find a hairdresser by the way) on the left-hand side (thus after a mere 50 metres) you can turn left into a scenic forest road along Lake Bütgenbach all the way to Bütgenbach, which is 3 km shorter than via Büllingen.

From Bütgenbach the road goes on to Malmedy and Francorchamps.
There is a Fina filling station just outside Bütgenbach on the way to Malmedy.

Bakeries where to get the morning bread:
in Büllingen on the main street, before the intersection to Bütgenbach and St.Vith,
or on the Marketplace in Bütgenbach.

In Büllingen, you will find a Delhaize supermarket and a selection of other shops on the main street.
There is a SuperGB supermarket on the main street in Bütgenbach.

You will find hypermarkets just on the other side of the border with Luxembourg: gasoline, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and Spa mineral water in particular are really inexpensive here.

You will find a number of banks on the main street in both Büllingen and Bütgenbach: ING, Fortis, Axa and KBC.

The Büllingen post office is located on the main street and is open from 9:00 to 12:30 h and again from 14:00 to 17:00 h, except Wednesdays from 11:30 to 12:30 h and 14:45 to 19:00 h. The post office is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

A local market is held alternatively on Tuesday, i.e. first week of the month in Büllingen, the fourth week in Bütgenbach.

Tourist information leaflets on our region are available in the hall. Please help yourself to whatever you need.

Tourist Information: Marketplace in Bütgenbach – Opening times:
September – June: Tuesday to Saturday incl. from 9:00-16:00 h, Sundays and holidays from 10:00 to 13:00 h.
July and August: Monday to Saturday incl. from 9:00-17:00 h, Sundays and holidays from 9:00 to 15:00 h.
Closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Sight-seeing flights over Lake Bütgenbach or the High Fens with “Ultra Light Machines” can be reserved for you (weather depending) with friendly pilots at a small airstrip nearby.

Wirtzfeld boasts an excellent restaurant (Drosson near the church), Büllingen even has a snack bar on the main street (Sauer), and there is a selection of great restaurants in Bütgenbach (Chinese, Bütgenbacher Hof, Seepanorama, Pizzeria), as well as an Irish pub with a good atmosphere (Bütgenbach Marketplace direction Wirtzfeld, on the corner).

Lake Bütgenbach is suitable for swimming, and the Worriken (Bütgenbach) Sport Centre offers other types of water sports.

Mountain bikes can be hired.

Lighting triggered by motion sensors has been installed in the garden, hall and walk-in wardrobe. These lights turn on automatically when you move in their immediate vicinity, and turn off again automatically after some time.

When the weather is fine, you can have your breakfast on the terrace outside the door; you will find cushions for the seats and a parasol in the grey container there.

We have deck chairs at your disposal, should you wish to use them.

The kitchen has all the necessary appliances and implements to allow you to prepare breakfast and even cook a whole meal: microwave oven, hot air oven, 4-ring electric hob, extractor hood, refrigerator with ice box, mixer, coffee maker, toaster, electric kettle, pots and pans, wooden spoons, etc. and crockery for 6 persons. There even is a small radio.

You will find two waste bins under the sink: the green one is for organic waste, the other for residual waste. You can empty the residual waste into the red rubbish container (outside) when the bin is full. A second container outside for waste bottles.

Household waste is collected on Tuesdays in special municipal bags which we supply you with.

The computer in the hall features a pull-out keyboard for ease of use.

You will find an ironing board in the walk-in wardrobe, and an iron in the kitchen cabinet.

A fire extinguisher is installed in the hall, next to the walk-in wardrobe, together with the contact numbers and addresses for the emergency services (fire brigade and ambulance).

Next to the fire extinguisher you’ll find the room service bell.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hall, bathroom and bedroom. The reason for not allowing smoking in the bedroom is quite obvious, and the bathroom features a washbasin made of a special plastic material, which would get damaged too quickly by hot ash. Smoking is allowed in the ktichen on request.

The lights above the washbasin are turned on or off with a switch in the cabinet, where you will also find a socket for the hair dryer or (your) electric razor.

Spare towels and additional toilet paper are stowed in the bathroom cabinet.

The many light fixtures in the bedroom can be activated whether left or right of the bed with the 5 separate light switches. Only the ceiling fixture can also be operated from the switch by the door.

The reading spots should only be used when directed away from the wall, since the halogen lights are too warm to be directed at the wall.

The romantic starry ceiling consisting of LEDs with fibre optics and low voltage can be left on all night if you wish…

An electronic Safety Deposit Box is at your disposal in the bedroom: to OPEN the first time: ENTER, than give the CODE 123, and press ENTER again. The door opens. To close the door, press ENTER, give your private code (up to 6 numbers), press again ENTER, close the door and press CLOSE. To reopen the safe, press ENTER, give your code and press ENTER again.

The two mattresses with Lattoflex frames are individually powered so that you can adopt the most suitable position when watching TV.

In case of a power cut (you are now in the East Cantons where this may happen sometimes…), there is a battery-operated torchlight in the bedroom and you will find tea-lights in the kitchen cabinet.
But please use the latter with caution!

The whole apartment has central heating. Should you feel cold nevertheless, you can increase the temperature on the radiator thermostat. The hot water for the kitchen and bathroom is also produced by the central heating.

The shower in the bathroom is fitted with a thermostatic tap on the left, which you can set to 38°C for a constant temperature while showering. The right-hand tap has two functions: economy shower, or after the stop position, a stronger jet.

When used as a holiday apartment, the sheets and towels are obviously not changed every day (this is how prices are lower for longer stays). So please hang your towels to dry above the radiator in the bathroom.

Check-out: You can contact Hubert via Skype or alternatively ring the room service bell in order to return the key and remote-controls.

You will be given one apartment key and 4 remote-controls to use in the bedroom:

Remote controls:

1. A wireless headset to telephone via the Skype Internet connection on the computer in the bedroom. Please use your own Skype name, or the system’s user name. SkypeOut to normal telephone numbers is also possible up to a maximum amount of €5.00.

2. A small white SofaControl remote-control which allows you to navigate the various options of the multimedia systems on the computer in the bedroom.

Click on Menu, go to Front Row and click on OK.

Select the PHOTO Section and go to 800_Fotos, click OK and a slide show of some 800 pictures taken in the Wirtzfeld area will be displayed on the screen in a continuous stream against nice background music.

Or select the DVD Section and navigate until you see a DVD title that you would like to watch.
Or alternatively select the Music Section and go to the Party Shuffle in order to enjoy continuous music in the bedroom out of our library of 1,500 or even 13,000 tracks.

3. A (silver) remote-control to operate the television on the computer in the bedroom: The four coloured buttons around the circle in the middle of this remote are the main options: smaller or larger image, the list of channels to choose from or turn off, request for information, or zoom in/out.

4. A wireless mouse for the computer (white) to operate directly all the options on the computer screen itself.

5. There is a small thumb-wheel on the small table to control the volume: Click on it to turn the sound on/off (the light indicates the functions); turn the edge to increase/decrease the volume. The TV volume can also be operated from the comfort of the bed via remote-control.

You will find a number of icons at the bottom of the computer screen, which can launch the installed programs.

The computer screen features various Internet options:
When Safari Browser is started up, you can directly call your mailboxes via Webmail, but you might be more comfortable doing this on the Tower PC in the hall since it is also equipped with a pull-out keyboard.

Tourist information is available on or on where several links will take you to other sources of knowledge on our beautiful East Cantons.

Your bedroom computer/TV:

– A number of DVDs have been installed on the hard disk,

– while the iTunes music library holds some 1,500 tracks that you can either sort out according to category and play, or by simply selecting the Party Shuffle option, let the computer do the song mix.

– Satellite TV is available with a choice of approx. 400 active channels via Astra. You can display a TV guide on the computer screen: choose from all the channels or favorites.

– NEW: The TV Flanders Pluspakket regrouping various Flemish broadcasters, and a number of english spoken channels are also available free of charge.

– QuickTime Movie: using the built-in camera, you can make your own video clips and e-mail them to acquaintances or to your own e-mail address.

– It is also possible to activate the camera when using Skype Telephony.

The camera is protected by a small lid, which you must first flip up to activate it.
When the camera is in use, a small blue light is visible in the top part of the computer screen.

Your laptop: Even though the apartment is fitted with 2 computers, it offers WIFI (Wireless Internet connection) everywhere, even in the garden, and there is also a fixed Ethernet connection to the Internet in the bedroom. With regard to data security, please inform us beforehand if you are bringing your own laptop, and if you wish to connect to the Internet (free of charge) via WIFI or Ethernet. In doing so, we can ensure that the WIFI LAN will be set up in good time for your computer.

Should you have further queries concerning the operation of the technical equipment, Hubert will gladly show you how to use a few more specific computer functions.

You can set up a wake-up service on the bedroom computer, or otherwise use the alarm settings on the thermometer (which works on batteries and always shows the right time…).

Furthermore, we can make photocopies and send faxes for you, and print out documents from the computer. Just call us!

WINTER: In the winter, please store your skis in the plastic tray in the walk-in wardrobe, so that ice water dripping from the skis can be collected.

Four cross-country skiing tracks start from the village below. You can also rent skis there if you wish. Alpine skiing in Ovifat.

In the winter season, an update of the snow conditions on the slopes is available on, where you can also see for yourself how much snow there actually is thanks to our Wirtzfeld Valley Webcam.